SS23: Hide Dull. Seek Bold.

Group of adults and children walking through water park in brightly coloured spring summer 2023 fashion
Let's play with colour at Pacific Werribee

Spring Summer 2023 fashion has arrived - and this season we invite you to hide dull and seek bold!

There's nothing quite like colour to lift your mood and make you feel like a big kid again. So, join us as we dive into a world where vibrant hues bring joy and mood-boosting fashion is at the fore.

Say goodbye to dark and drab pieces, and hello feel-good fashion. Pacific Werribee is abundant in vibrant pieces waiting to be discovered—so, come and explore! 

Ready to up the fun-factor in your wardrobe? The centre is full of colourful new-season arrivals waiting to be discovered. From small pops of colour through to statement brights, we’ve got something for every level of bold.
Chic Spring-Summer Trendsetter: A woman with dark curly hair effortlessly sporting a pink Adidas top, paired with vibrant green pants. A pair of stylish sunglasses rests atop her head.
Dive into a world of bold and bright hues, where every look is designed to uplift your mood and celebrate the essence of spring.
Energetic Spring-Summer Vibes: A joyful woman with dark curly hair, confidently smiling at the camera while dressed in a pink Adidas top and holding pink fairyfloss