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Meet Naomi from WCEC

Read about Naomi's work as African Employment Broker at the Wyndham Community and Education Centre.
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" I believe my experiences can inspire those women I’ve helped. As a woman I aspire to uplift others through sharing my success. It's all about supporting each other to reach our goals."  - Naomi Mwanza


Naomi Mwanza, a 24-year-old native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently serves as the African Employment Broker at the Wyndham Community and Education Centre. With a passion for empowering African Australians, Naomi's role involves facilitating job placements and providing support to African Australians from all over Melbourne West in seeking employment opportunities.

Naomi's journey to her current position is deeply intertwined with her own experiences. Two years ago, fresh out of studies, she encountered the challenges of securing employment firsthand due to a lack of experience related to her qualification and limited exposure to Australian job market systems. Fortunately, Naomi found support through Wyndham CEC, where she was not only a client but also a beneficiary of their employment assistance programs. Through dedication and perseverance, Naomi eventually landed an interview at Wyndham CEC, marking the beginning of her fulfilling career journey.

Since joining Wyndham CEC, Naomi has made significant strides in her role. She has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous African women in securing employment opportunities, thereby positively impacting their lives. One of Naomi's key initiatives has been organizing job readiness workshops, focusing on essential skills such as resume building, interview techniques, confidence building, and effective self-promotion. By inviting real employers to these workshops, Naomi ensures participants have direct access to employment opportunities.

Beyond simply securing job placements, Naomi is committed to ensuring that individuals feel supported and comfortable in their new roles. Her dedication to empowering others and fostering a welcoming environment has made her an invaluable asset to Wyndham CEC.

Reflecting on her time at Wyndham CEC, Naomi expresses gratitude for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. With a sense of fulfillment and enthusiasm, she looks forward to continuing her journey which has included helping over 200 women achieve their employment goals to date and and contributing to the community's growth and prosperity.

Naomi's favourite quote

"The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up." Serena Williams